About The Authors

Ken Routson is an author, speaker, consultant, life coach, workshop facilitator and more. He is nationally recognized for his contributions in developing day programs and residential supports for people with disabilities, as well as for his popular sensitivity-training workshops for schools and social service agencies.

Ken has served as the CEO of several corporations, including a healthcare corporation that specializes in in-home support for people with severe disabilities.

Ken established some of the very first supported-living arrangements in Ohio, and the Butler County Board of DD therefore proclaimed him “Father of Supported Living in Butler County.” For his work in assisting persons with severe disabilities in their moves from nursing homes to “real” homes with appropriate supports, Ken earned the “Pioneer Award” from the Ohio Head Injury Association.

Ken conducts life coaching sessions worldwide, based on his most popular book “Beliefology.” He recently developed Routson and Associates, a consulting company and is often booked for speaking engagements, which he finds amazing considering he was born with speech aphasia and several other severe learning disabilities.

Nancy Reder RN, MSEd has enjoyed a 50-year career in medicine and disability services. Her experience in the field of disabilities includes working with both children and adults. She is a graduate of St. Rita’s School of Nursing in Lima, Ohio; Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio; and the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio. Nancy taught as Adjunct Professor at several local universities where she presented in-services focused on Developmental Disabilities. Since her retirement, she maintains her involvement in the disability field by volunteering to assist persons with special needs.

Nancy currently resides in Brookville, Ohio, with her husband Emmett, and two granddaughters, who fortunately live nearby.

Ken Routson and Nancy Reder are also available to speak at your event. Ken is also available for life coaching via telephone.

For further information and to order additional books: http://www.giftsofautismandalzheimers.com http://www.beliefology.com

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